Hello, World!

Hi, guys. I am Lucheng!

This is my first time of building a blog, and I am very excited with this!

I used to build a blog website with Flask model and python as the server. In fact, it is somehow not that easy to build from zero. However, it is very worthy to go through the process, which allows me to learn a lot regarding the basic structrue and flowchart for how the data be transmitted through the server, database, and the front side.

If you have any chance, please have a try! It must be a rewarding experience. I truely recommend to learn how database, html, css, and python … etc. At the end, you will probably have the same thought as me: the Wordpress saved my life!

I will update this blog as a place to store my pieces of knowledge such as programming experience, Anime recommendation and relating personal understanding, and anything that I would like to share with you! I would be very grateful for any recommendation or advice to build a better and stronger blog webiste! I hope you could enjoy here at AzuMeow!



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